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Unified data management for database systems

Patented in US Patent Office with patent number 9892150 and application number 14816805 on 2018

A database architecture includes at least an in-memory database and a disk-based database (also referred to as β€œhot” and β€œwarm” data stores). In the database architecture, data can be partitioned (and re-partitioned) and/or moved within and among the in-memory and disk-based databases, based on query access patterns derived from received database queries. The partitions and inter-database movements can be based at least in part on clustered, dynamic data units that are defined using shared individual attribute values of data records, and updated based on the received queries. Read more

Recommended citation: Jayanth, Jayanth, Dastagiri Reddy, and Reghu Ram Thanumalayan. "Unified data management for database systems." U.S. Patent 9,892,150, issued February 13, 2018.